Drought Information

Current Drought Conditions

In March 2023, Governor Newsom eased drought restrictions after a series of storms dramatically changed conditions in many parts of the state.

The Governor said, "while recent storms have helped ease drought impacts, regions and communities across the state continue to experience water supply shortages, especially communities that rely on groundwater supplies that have been severely depleted in recent years." The executive order responded to current conditions while preserving smart water measures:

  • Ends the voluntary 15% water conservation target, while continuing to encourage that Californians make conservation a way of life;
  • Ends the requirement that local water agencies implement level 2 of their drought contingency plans;
  • Maintains the ban on wasteful water uses, such as watering ornamental grass on commercial properties;
  • Preserves all current emergency orders focused on groundwater supply, where the effects of the multi-year drought continue to be devastating;
  • Maintains orders focused on specific watersheds that have not benefited as much from recent rains, including the Klamath River and Colorado River basins, which both remain in drought;
  • Retains a state of emergency for all 58 counties to allow for drought response and recovery efforts to continue

Additional information about drought conditions in El Dorado County is available here.

El Dorado Water Agency Online Portal
Current drought conditions can be found at El Dorado Water Agency’s Online Portal

County Drought and Water Shortage Task Force

The El Dorado Water Agency convenes the County Drought and Water Shortage Task Force (Task Force) which is responsible for facilitating drought and water shortage preparedness for all small water systems and domestic wells within El Dorado County. This Task Force also meets Senate Bill 552 requirements for counties to establish a standing drought and water shortage task force. The Task Force includes core members that are legally responsible for public water systems, state small water systems, and domestic wells and implementing the requirements of Senate Bill 552. It also includes advisory members that are relied on for information and input related to drought conditions, small water system needs, and potential response actions.


Carla HassCounty of El Dorado, Chief Administrative Office
Jeff WarrenCounty of El Dorado, Environmental Management Department
Scott BareCounty of El Dorado, Office of Emergency Services
Nancy WilliamsCounty of El Dorado, Public Health Officer
Kyle EricsonEl Dorado Water Agency

Advisory Members Agency (in alphabetical order)
Doug Leisz Citizens for Water
Rebecca Neves City of Placerville
Hilary Roverud City of South Lake Tahoe
Karen Bender County of El Dorado, Environmental Management Department
Rob Peters County of El Dorado, Planning and Building Department
Merv de Haas El Dorado County Farm Bureau
Phil Jones El Dorado County Office of Education
Brian Mueller El Dorado Irrigation District
Adam Coyan Georgetown Divide Public Utility District
Jodi Lauther Grizzly Flats Community Service District
John Marrs Kyburz Mutual Water Company
Jennifer Lukins Lukins Brothers Water Company, Inc.
Tracy Wilson Quintette Service Corporation
John Thiel South Tahoe Public Utility District
Sean Barclay Tahoe City Public Utility District
Ivo Bergsohn Tahoe Groundwater Sustainability Agency
Kirk Woolridge Tahoe Keys Water Company


Discussion Topics Relevant Materials
August 23, 2023

April 27, 2023

February 10, 2023 

• Senate Bill 552 Implementation Background and Updates
• Discussion: Water Shortage Concerns and Updates 
•  Moving Forward 

• Senate Bill 552 Implementation Updates
• Drought Conditions and Emerging Concerns  
• Identification of Emergency Response and Mitigation Actions

• Senate Bill 552 Implementation Updates
• Small Water Systems in El Dorado County 
• Risk Assessment



August 11, 2022• Condition assessment of small water systems in El Dorado County
• Current drought-related problems and potential solutions

June 13, 2022 • Senate Bill 552 requirements
• Barriers to Senate Bill 552 implementation
• Task Force roles and responsibilities
• Current drought conditions

More information on the Task Force is described in the Task Force charter.

Long-Term Drought Resiliency Planning

Provides information about El Dorado Water Agency’s long-term drought resiliency planning efforts and drought plans for urban water suppliers throughout the county.

New Legislative Requirements for Small Water Suppliers and Rural Communities

Discusses the legislative requirements for small water suppliers and rural communities related to Senate Bill 552.

Resources and Tools

Provided below are existing resources that can be used when monitoring and preparing for drought events.



Current Conditions (California Department of Water Resources)

Defining Drought (California Department of Water Resources)

California Drought Action (State of California)

Drought Information & Updates (State Water Board)

California Drought (U.S. Geological Survey)


California Water Watch (California Department of Water Resources) 

Online Mapping and Data Portal (El Dorado Water Agency) 

Drought Conditions (National Integrated Drought Information System)

Drought Indices and Data (North America Drought Monitor)

California Drought Conditions (U.S. Drought Monitor)



Be Well Prepared – What to do if your well runs dry (California Department of Water Resources)

Drinking Water Well Principles (California Department of Water Resources)

Dry Well Reporting System (California Department of Water Resources)

Well Owner Resources (Rural Community Assistance Partnership)

Find a Water Well Service Contractor (Rural Community Assistance Partnership)


Licensed Water Haulers by County (California Department of Public Health)


Tahoe Valley South Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (South Tahoe Public Utility District (Point of Contact) and El Dorado Water Agency)


Save Our Water (California Department of Water Resources) 

Help Your Trees Survive the Drought (El Dorado Irrigation District)

Water Conservation Tips (South Tahoe Public Utility District) 


Farm Service Agency | Disaster Assistance Programs: The Farm Service Agency (through the U.S. Department of Agriculture) offers a variety of programs to help farmers, ranchers, communities, and businesses that have been severely impacted by natural disaster events, such as drought.

State Water Resources Control Board | Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER): The SAFER program provides funding sources to ensure sustainable operations for all of the state's drinking water systems and to achieve the goal of safe, accessible, and affordable water for all Californians.

U.S Department of Agriculture Rural Development | Water & Environmental Programs: The Rural Utilities Service Water and Environmental Program provides technical assistance and financing to rural communities to develop drinking water systems.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development | Loan Eligibility: Tool used to evaluate the likelihood that a potential applicant would be eligible for assistance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program.